Monday, 14 August 2017

My go to handbag

This bag is definitely my favourite bag. I am not someone who can afford to buy designer handbags all of the time, so I just usually buy high street bags, this is my second designer one, so when I get a designer handbag I am literally so so so happy to have it. However, I did not actually buy this one, my boyfriend bought it me, and we got it from a designer outlet called Bicester Village which is in Oxford where everything is just so much cheaper and oh my god, It is like a DREAM! It's my most favourite place to shop and I will always go there to buy designer products now. I even got myself a Ted Baker purse for half the price you would usually pay and a Vivienne Westwood bracelet. Amazing right? I am a massive fan of Ted Baker and Vivienne Westwood so Bicester Village fulfils my needs a lot. If you have never heard of it before, I suggest you check it out and visit there because they have EVERYTHING and you will love it.

Anyway, back to the bag... I literally use it almost every day. I just love it and it stands out with anything that you wear and it just adds some colour to an all black outfit too. It has a long strap so you can have it over the shoulder or you can take it off so you can just carry it by the small handles. It is something which holds the essentials like your phone, purse, lipstick etc. I wouldn't recommend this if you like big bags and like to carry a lot of things in your handbag because it can only hold a small amount of things but personally, I love it and I only like to carry around the small essentials, especially when I am shopping. This bag is perfect for me.

Over the past few months, money has been such a struggle for me so I have not been able to go shopping as much as I have wanted to. But I now have a new job, and go back to my other job at the end of this month too, and I cannot wait to go shopping. 


Saturday, 12 August 2017

21 Things that are better than sex

1. Getting into fresh bed sheets. There is nothing better than changing your bed sheets and getting into nice clean ones, especially when you have had a long day and just want to chill out.

2. Taking your bra off! Best feeling ever.

3. A cup of tea in the morning.

4. DOGS! Dogs will always make the world better.

5. Taking your make up off after a long day.

6. Having your back tickled.

7. Taking off your heels that have been killing your feet all night after a night out.

8. Chinese food.

9. Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, any of them, i don't care. No ice-cream will ever beat Ben & Jerry's.

10. Getting paid!!!!!

11. Having a whole new wardrobe.

12. Getting new make up.

13. The smell of petrol.

14. Listening to the rain on your window when you are about to go to sleep.

15. The feel of getting a new book.

16. Chocolate.

17. Taking a hot shower on a cold day.

18.  Booking a holiday to a hot country and just having it to look forward to. It's all you think about and the build up to it is amazing.

19. The build up to christmas!

20. Getting into your pyjamas with really comfy bed socks. There is no better feeling.

21. Cuddles

Sunday, 6 August 2017

My favourite top right now

My favourite piece of clothing right now is this top from Pretty Little Thing. I am a huge fan of PLT and I always will be. I get most of my clothing from there and I find that most of the clothing I order, fits me perfectly. I always worry about ordering things online because of being a size 16, not everything always fits me. But I never have a problem with PLT, and I just absolutely love everything which is sold on there.

I thought at first that this top was more suitable of a night time, but I have been wearing it during the day. Its perfect for both day and night and its certainly a piece which stands out from the crowd with the bright red flowers.


Friday, 23 June 2017

So much change

Hi guys. I have taken way too much time away from blogging and during that time, so much has changed...

I don't really know why I took so much time away from here, I guess it's because I have been way too busy with University and working and to be honest, all I have wanted to do is just chill at home after work or university and watch my programmes. I am constantly on a laptop and I haven't wanted to go back to looking at a screen all evening when I get home either. But all I have ever wanted to do in life is blog; I am still thinking about it every single day and I am still so passionate about it, I am just not showing it very well. So, it's time to get my blogging mojo back.

So much has changed in the matter of a few months. I have stopped doing my make up so much and I have certainly stopped spending so much money on it too. It's crazy, isn't it? I was so obsessed with make up at one point but if I am honest, I can't afford to keep wasting money on eyeshadow palettes that I don't even need. I was definitely buying it for the sake of it. I am sure I will get back into this one day, because I am such a make-up obsessed person, but at the minute, I just can't afford it. One of the reasons is because I want to save and spend my money on better things at the minute. I am only a student right now and I am only in a part-time job, I finish University in 2018 and the main thing I am saving for at the minute is my own home with my boyfriend next year. It is the most important thing to me right now.

So you guys just read that I am getting a place with my boyfriend, so yes, I am in a really, really good relationship and have been for the past few months. It is my first relationship in almost 3 years and I am very happy. He is certainly someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with, he is such a loving and caring person and I can't imagine my life without him now. I am most definitely, in love!

I have also started going to the gym more, drinking water every day and eating a lot more healthier, this is something which is going to only get better and hopefully you guys will see a massive difference in me next year. Me and my boyfriend are going to start going together next week when i go back home, and we are going to be going every single day. (I am still at my house at University, and he lives in my hometown, but I am moving back home for the summer next week). I am very excited about this!

I am into fashion SO much more now. My boyfriend has kindly said he is going to start helping me out with photo's for my blog, meaning he is going to start taking pictures of me for outfit posts, so watch this space. The reason why I haven't done a lot of fashion posts before is because of my confidence and just not having anyone to take photographs for me. But my confidence has gotten so high now and I have really started to love myself and learnt to accept the person I am. I am also going on holiday a couple of times over the next few months so I will be taking plenty of photo's and sharing my experiences and I also have some fashion shows which I am attending too. There is so much I will be sharing with you guys!

I cannot wait for my last year of University to start as well, It has been such an amazing experience and I know my last year is going to be stressful but so excited at the same time, I am going to get involved in as many fashion shows and events that I can. Here's to the start of a new chapter and new exciting beginnings.


Tuesday, 3 January 2017


2016 was such an amazing year, I have met some of the most beautiful people, I have travelled to new places such as Greece and Paris and I have made some of the most amazing memories with the people I love. However, I feel like I didn't focus on myself enough at all. I didn't eat healthy like a wanted to, I didn't exercise enough or just love being alone. Doing things alone scares me, and I don't want to be like that anymore and if i don't focus on myself this year or enjoy my own company, then I feel like it's never going to happen, so I need to stay motivated to being alone and doing things by myself. I am also one of these people who sees more negative than positive and I need to stop doing that. I just need to go ahead and do them.

This is the most important thing I want to focus on this year as I have just been so lazy last year. I am one of those who wish I drove because I can't be bothered to walk to the gym and back and I need to stop doing that. I am just so sick of being miserable in my own skin now and not being able to wear a lot of things that I wish I could. For example, I hate my arms so therefore I never show them, and I feel like I am limited to the kind of outfits I wear because I feel like I need to wear a long sleeved top all the time or a jacket over the top of something just so that I don't show my arms. I am so determined this year to eat healthily and go to the gym at least 4 times a week and finally get the body I want by the end of this year. My goal is to get down to a size 10.

I am not one of those people who is good at using notebooks and planners as I just buy them, write in one page and then forget about it. But, I feel like if i used one and actually stuck to it, it would help me so much more to be organised and crossing the things off that I have done would make me feel so much better. This means being more organised with my university assignments,

I definitely don't drink enough water, I tend to drink a lot of squash and sometimes fizzy drinks more than anything. I know water is so much more healthier so I am definitely going to start drinking more of it, especially because I want to lose weight as well. I know it helps improve your skin and your mood as well and overall I just know it will make me feel so much better as a person. Drinking more water is a MUST this year.

I am the worst person in the world when it comes to saving money but over the past couple of months I have done nothing but think and worry about my future. I have just over a year left at University and I have been constantly stressing about what I am going to do after it. I don't want to move back home at the age of 21, I want my own place as soon as I leave University and I know that it's not going to happen without some money behind me. So this year I need to work a lot of hours so that I can save enough money as I can for my future. But I am such a shopaholic and I always want to buy everything, especially when it comes to makeup, its so expensive being a girl!!! But yeah, I am determined to save my pennies in order for me to be happy once I leave. It's just because I am so used to living on my own with my friends at university now, I love my own space and being able to do what I want and moving back home is not what I want.

I am so scared of doing things on my own, and this just includes walking to do the gym on my own. I just get bored so easily and I am not easily motivated to do things on my own either. But I need to stop doing that, because if I don't start enjoying being on my own then what am I going to do when I live on my own? I don't know, but all I know is that I need to start focusing more on myself rather than being with other people. I am so into finding someone as well, I am bored of being single and it doesn't help that my best friend is engaged and I live with her. I worry too much about not finding someone soon but I have to realise that I need to make myself happy first and wait for the right person because they seem to come along when you aren't looking. I need to focus on losing weight more than anything this year and just leave men out of the picture for now, and just wait until the right one comes along. I need to make more memories by myself and do more spontaneous things and be happy.

I am really slacking when it comes to YouTube and my blog. I have said to myself so many times that I will do them properly but I just haven't. I have a serious case of CBA, even though these are the things which I have wanted to do the most for a long time. This year is going to be the year where I focus on doing my channel on my blog and expressing myself more across social media. I just feel like I have so much to cram into a whole week with all of these things to do as well as my university work but I am so determined to focus on getting where I want to be, if I don't do it now, I will be so disappointed in myself in the future.

I want to go to more places this year and be a lot more spontaneous. I want to make more memories and try out lots of new things that I can look back on and be happy about.

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