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20 things I have learnt from University in my first year

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I have finished my first year of University ALREADY and I have just started my second year which is pretty scary. I remember the first day I moved into halls and I remember counting down the days until I was moving away to University. It was one of the most exciting times of my life and I am so glad that I chose to do it. I have met some amazing people and I know some of them are going to be friends for life. I would say that this post is mainly for students who moved away or lived in accommodation or are about to move away, but I'm sure the people who didn't/aren't can still relate to some of them as some of them are about University in general.

So here are some of the things I have learnt...

1. You really will live off pasta and noodles when you barely have any money.

2. Lectures are sometimes pointless when they upload them online anyway.

3. You really don't need to purchase the books they tell you to - I passed my first year fine without purchasing any of the books. They can be useful for extra information but everything that is on the PowerPoint's, are from the books.

4. People will SERIOUSLY judge you for lots of things, even if you do no harm.

5. The people you meet there may be nothing like the friends you have back at home. I found it so hard to click with people because they were nothing like the people I had at home, but you get used to it and everything turns out fine in the end.

6. You will get homesick, even if you thought you never would. I have always hated living at home and always loved my own space but I really did get homesick quite a lot and just wanted to be with my family sometime when I was upset.

7. BUDGET. Everyone thinks they are rolling in money whenever they get their student finance, I definitely did, but you haven't actually got as much as you think you do as it has to last you till you get your next finance which is in 3 months. You forget that you have to pay for your own food and other things and that you're actually by yourself now and don't have your family around you. So, keeping an eye on your money is really important.

8. It's time to learn to grow up and learn to stand on your own two feet because it will happen one day and you won't have your student finance to help you, so I would really recommend to get a job to get you in the hang of things and to also help you out with money if you don't get a lot of student finance.

9. Other students really don't care whatsoever if it's 3am, they will still come in as noisy as ever and wake you up.

10. It's no good saying "First year doesn't count." because you will be gutted if you don't pass your first year because it gets you into second year! (luckily I got into my second year)

11. Sort your house out for second year early, so you can get the best house before they are all gone! Me and my friends have got one of the nicest houses ever and we are so happy we were able to get it in time before it was taken by someone else.

12. Emptying the bins is disgusting.

13. You will meet so many dickheads.

14. Skipping a lecture is so easy especially when you only have to be in one for an hour for the whole day.

15. Doing the washing was so much effort if you didn't have one in your flat and had to walk ages to the laundry.

16. You will sleep, eat and Netflix most of your days away.

17. Tinder becomes one of your best friends if you are single.

18. Pulling all night study sessions really is a thing, especially a few days before an exam. Make sure you revise way before instead of stressing out a few days before and cramming everything in all at once!

19. Group work is the worst thing ever.

20. Enjoy it. Overall it is one of the best experiences of your life and I would strongly recommend going to University and moving into halls. You will have so many memories and in the future you will look back on it and be so glad that you did it.

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