Wednesday, 20 July 2016


So today I thought I would write about something different, for the ladies obviously. I want to talk about men, sex and relationships. Lets be honest, we love all of them. I want to tell you some of my experiences and some things you should know or should already know from your own experience if you can relate. I hope you girls & guys enjoy this post.

Us girls (and guys if you're reading this), come across a lot of dickheads in life. I have met guys who come across all sweet and act like they like you when in fact they just want to get in your knickers. Then, they will just fuck you off and never speak to you again. I have met guys who will say they want you to be with you but never actually ask you to be their girlfriend officially (which is VERY frustrating). I have met guys who think it's okay to come and go whenever they like, one minute they want you, the next minute they don't. It is very true to say that they always miss you when you're gone and when you no longer want them anymore. they realise they have fucked up. Guys can be absolute twats and I've had so many bad experiences with guys. However, all of these have definitely been learning curves for me and I can now tell who is a dickhead and who isn't. In my opinion, I don't think guys know shit about us girls OR it just takes them a long time to figure us out. 

I think us girls are so much more sensitive than guys are and I think we catch feelings a lot easier than guys do too. We love to have the attention off guys, we want them to show us off to the world on social media, we want them to turn up at our door with flowers (I have never been bought flowers lol). But not every guy likes to do this, I think guys keep their emotions to themselves a lot of the time and us girls love to be open about everything. HOWEVER, I don't think every girl is an angel, so please don't think I do, because I know there are a lot of girls out there who are complete dickheads to guys when they think the world of them. I am just saying all of this from my own experience and I know that a lot of girls will be able to relate.

 I was definitely the type to make most of the effort whenever I liked someone and it pissed me off big time. Thank god I am no longer like that anymore. I don't let anyone ever take me for a dickhead anymore. I am a woman who works hard for her money and goes to University with a lot of ambition in life. I haven't got the patience for dickhead guys in my life who think its okay to mess with my head when I have better things to think about.

The saying goes "you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince". Which I think is very true. A lot of my friends are in relationships and some of them have been with their partner for like 3+ years and it drives me mad that I am still single and waiting to meet the right guy. However, I realise that I am 19 and that I still have plenty of time to find the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with.

 I feel that I haven't found the right guy yet because of my weight, and that's my opinion. I barely ever see any guys interested in girls my size (like a size 16) and that's just from my experience. It's very rare I ever see any man with a girl who's not like a size 8-12. It baffles me, I may be wrong but that's just from what I have seen. That's the reason why I think I am single. HOWEVER, I don't have a problem with sex. Some guys seem to love my curves and my body during sex so why am I not good enough to be someones girlfriend? I don't know, but I think I have a nice personality. I am not a horrible person and would never do wrong to anyone, so I get confused as to why I'm actually still single, lol.

I am not the type of girl to say 'every guy is the same' because I don't think that is true. I believe that there are so many good guys out there who will love you for who you are, I just think it's hard to find them.

I think it is going to take me a while to actually settle down with someone who makes me really happy. Even though I know I will find someone one day, it gets so boring being single at times, especially when I am surrounded around friends who are already in long term relationships. My longest relationship has been 4 months... like seriously, that is nothing compared to other people. I don't even know anyone who's had a relationship as short as mine. But I just hope I meet my perfect guy soon!!

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