Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Some of these products I actually already have, I just need to re-stock on them. I love MAC and it will always be one of my favourite make up brands and I am going to have a huge MAC shopping spree soon, so look out for a MAC haul which will feature some of these products.


Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Okay... So I just felt like getting some of my feelings out there about being a plus size girl.

I have been a big girl since a young age, I have never been thin and probably never will be unless I put the effort in one day in going to the gym and eating healthy every single day, but I am a teenager and at the minute I want to enjoy my University days of eating pizza and drinking alcohol every week and focus on enjoying myself. I don't eat shit all the time, I eat healthy as well meaning I will eat fruit every week and drink lots of water but I like to have a Chinese at some point as well.

However, I do have my down days where I wish I was a size 8 or 10. Sometimes I think to myself "If I was a size 8 or 10, then maybe I would have a boyfriend." I don't know... but to me, being plus size makes me wonder if that's the reason I am single and haven't been in a relationship for longer than 4 months, but at the same time I think 'fuck it, someone one day will love my curves and think I'm beautiful the way I am.'

I am happy that 'Plus Size' is being noticed more now and being accepted a lot more than it used to, there are a lot more plus size ranges out and I love how River Island has just brought out their own Plus Size range too. My mom loves RI and she was never able to shop in there because she is a size 20. Thankfully, she can now shop in there.

I have had people take the piss out of me in the past for my weight but I know that I am not the only girl who is a size 16 in the world and I am glad that I don't have to put up with shit on my own. Unfortunately, there are still some idiots out there who love to put people down for their weight, fair enough if its someone who is at an unhealthy weight but you should talk to them nicely and encourage them to lose weight, not take the piss out of them because it doesn't help. I don't think some people realise what its like to be taken the piss out for your weight and its a horrible feeling.

Recently, I have started to learn to love myself, and its one of the most important things in life in my opinion. Before you let someone else love you, you have to love yourself. As I have grown up in my body, I have learnt to accept who I am, I have learnt to accept my rolls and my stretch marks because I know I am not the only girl in the world with them. Sometimes I wish I could go out of a night and wear a crop top with some high waisted jeans but instead I know I can wear a body-con dress and show off my curves and still look good. My confidence has grown so much over the past year and I am so happy within myself. I never used to show my legs, but now when I go out I put on some fake tan and show them off. Surround yourself with positivity and you will be happy.


Monday, 18 April 2016


So I started studying Fashion Marketing at the University of Northampton in September and now that my first year is over, I thought I would give some tips and information to those of you who are about to go to University or are thinking of applying for it later on.

Living in Halls
I always wanted to live in halls when I went to University. I have liked living in halls but actually, I am fed up of living in them now and I am looking forward to moving into my house with my friends in second year. Living in halls can be loud and annoying because so many idiots live there who don't have respect for other people BUT you make lots of new friends and you definitely make lots of new memories that you will always remember. I would recommend living in halls to have the experience of it, I don't really know why people wouldn't live in halls in their first year, it's just something you HAVE to do in my eyes. Even if I didn't move far away like I have done, I would have still lived in halls! Also, everyone's accommodation is different, I am just fed up of living in mine now, I've had my time of living in halls. 

Moving Far Away From Home
Moving away from home is one of the hardest things to do, depending on the kind of person you are I guess. It marks the beginning of independence and adulthood. It definitely helps you grow up and become a new person. I would say it helps you get to know yourself more too. Its an exciting time but it can be stressful but you shouldn't just give up, give it time and you will love the fact that you are growing up and if I am honest, it is GREAT being able to do what you want without your parents telling you what to do all the time. Personally, I am so happy I moved away to a new place. I have made so many new friends and its nice to have space from my family once in a while but I would say I feel 'In the middle' about moving away. There is no place like home. I have missed my friends and my family so much, more than I thought I would have and at the minute, I am very happy to be back at home till September. 

Depending on the amount of student finance you get, I would still try and save as much money as you can. When you first get your student finance, you will just spend, trust me. For me, I get quite a big amount of student finance and when I first got mine all I did was spend because it looked like it would last ages, TRUST ME IT DOESN'T! If you're not clever about your money, it wont last you ages. I would most definitely advise making a money plan and STICKING TO IT! You don't want to end up living off scraps near the end of term. 

Learn to Cook
You should learn to cook whether you move away or not, but if you move away, learning to cook is one of the most important things you have to do. Even though its cheap, noodles and pasta gets boring after a while. Its good to have them some days but other days you should be able to have a meal that is tasty and that you enjoy for once. You can't always keep wasting your money on takeaways either. You're going to have to learn to cook ANYWAY because one day you will have your own house and will probably have to do cook for your own family eventually. Cooking is just something you have to learn. A good thing to do is to make a big batch of something which will last you for a few days like a casserole or a lasagne.

Visit an Open Day
It is very important to visit an open day before accepting offers from any university. Before I chose to go to Northampton, I visited a few and I liked the universities but the area's weren't very nice. I wanted to go to a good University in a nice area. You must make sure you have made the right decision because you have to be there for a good couple years. Also, an important thing is that don't go somewhere just because your friends are going there. Your friends aren't going to sort your future out for you, only you can do that. Base your University on your chosen course and how good it is. I visited a number of open days and loved the sound of the one at Northampton the most, the area was just a bonus.

Enjoy Yourself
One of the most important things about University is to enjoy yourself. You don't want to come out of University at the end of it all knowing you didn't have a good experience. Talk to new people, visit new places, make the most of your days there. Go out and have fun. University is an amazing opportunity.

Obviously the most IMPORTANT thing is your degree. You will have lots of work to do and you should do your best. University is a time to enjoy yourself and go out but you should still be spending a lot of your time working on your assignments and revising for any exams you have.

Monday, 11 April 2016


So recently I went on a make up shopping spree on Beauty Bay and bought some amazing beauty products that I recommend everyone to try because they are all worth buying.

 Gerard Cosmetics
These Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks are from Gerard Cosmetics and I got them 5 different shades;
Ruby Slipper

I need to buy 5 more colours and I will own the whole set and I can't wait to buy them. They dry very quickly and nicely and the colours are gorgeous.

Morphe Brushes
I bought the 35W Colour Warm Palette and it is the best eye shadow palette I have bought in while. You can create so many looks from it and the colours are so pigmented too. I am looking forward to experimenting more with the colours.

I bought the Zoeva Spectrum Nude Blush Palette and it has four different shades of blush in there which are all bronze colours. This is amazing and they are lovely colours. You can have a different colour on your cheeks for each day! (Well, that is what I do...)

Too Faced
I bought these two LA Creme lipsticks in the shades Divine Wine and Stiletto Red. I love dark colours on my lips most of the time, especially on a night out. Also, I don't own many red colours as I usually lose them all but because these are from Too Faced then I know I will look after them

I also bought Velvet Teddy from MAC as It is my go to lipstick and I had run out so I needed to stock up on it.

If you want to know more about this make up and see what the Zoeva Blush Palette looks like, watch my make up haul video here.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

My Daily Makeup Routine

This is how I do my make up on a day to day basis.

1. First I apply the Urban Decay Original Eye shadow Primer to my eyes.
2. I apply my L'Oreal Infallible primer and wait for it to dry.
3. I apply my eye shadow. (I am using the Morphe Brushes 35W palette at the moment).
4. I apply my mascara (Makeup Revolution).
5. I apply my foundation. (L'Oreal Infallible foundation)
6. I fill in my eyebrows. I use a simple eyebrow pencil from Bodycare or SuperDrug, but I am going to try out something new soon.
7. I apply my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transparent 01.
8. I use the Zoeva Spectrum Nude Blush Palette for my cheeks.
9. I apply my highlighter which is the Vivid Baked Highlighter from Makeup Revolution.
10. I apply my eye liner from Collection.
11. Lastly, for my lips I am using a GC Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Serenity or Ecstasy. 

If you want to see me do my make up, go ahead and watch my video 'How I Do My Make Up'


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Recent Drugstore Purchases

Here are some of the products I purchased recently from Superdrug.

Makeup Revolution London Amazing Volume Mascara
This mascara is great, I have used better ones before but I still think it is really good for the price, it wasn't that expensive at all and it is just one of my go to mascara's that I wear most of the time.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent 01
This has been my favourite powder for a long time now. I have mentioned this in a post before but this is something I wear every single day and it is very affordable and gives a lovely, smooth finish. I don't think I will ever stop purchasing this. 

Makeup Revolution Amazing Curve Mascara
Again, this is a mascara which I will just use every day, I just collect them because they are there if I ever run out of one. So, then I don't have to panic and run to a shop. If I am honest, I have never been into buying expensive mascara's, because I have never really seen much of a different between many of them, but maybe it is because I have never tried a high end one, so the next thing on my list is to buy a high end mascara just to see the difference.

L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 24H in Vanilla
I absolutely LOVE this foundation, for a while I had been using the matte one of this, but I thought it was time for a change, I am now going to start experimenting with different foundations and start building up a collection of them. Again, I have never tried a high end foundation, so that is another thing to add to my list, because there are many high end foundations that I want to try. Back to the product... this foundation is amazing, it gives almost full coverage, the only problem I have had is that I picked the wrong shade, and I need to get a lighter one, however I would recommend this to anyone, its so good.

Infallible Mattifying Base Primer
I am not the biggest fan of this... I bought it to try it out to add to my collection of primers as I had neer tried it before. I have been using it a lot because it does dry quite nice however I do not like the texture of it at all when it first goes on, and if I'm honest there are better primers out there. I probably won't buy this again.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lip Product
I brought this randomly.. I was looking for just a cheap purple matte liquid lipstick and I came across this. Little did I know that it is put onto your lips with a sponge. There is a little sponge on the end of the stick and the product is actually in the purple colour part and you twist the sponge inside of it. I was very surprised when I opened it as I genuinely thought it was a liquid lipstick but it is very strange but interesting. I am not too sure what to think of it yet as I have only tried it once, but it is definitely interesting.


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