Sunday, 6 December 2015


Well... This was something I was VERY excited for, working 5 days at the clothes show, in the VIP lounge. But it didn't turn out what I expected and I only ended up doing 2 days, I decided to quit. However, I did get some benefits out of it! 

I got told I was going to be working in the VIP lounge with the celebrities helping them out with things they needed. I never ended up being there, which was very annoying, considering I got so excited for it. I was also running around for almost 2 hours trying to find out where I was actually supposed to be and having to find the woman I was supposed to find, my course should have been more organised with this as I had no idea where I was supposed to find her, so that was also very annoying. However, I ended up being a Celebrity Assistant which I was fine with, it was quite exciting and I very much enjoyed the first day. I got to meet Hilary Alexander and also got a photograph with her, she was very sweet. Also I met some other celebrities too, 10 altogether over both days. 

Also during the first day I would like to thank Minty Coco for their free gift to me. A box of 14 tubes, I can't wait to try them out and see how my teeth turn out!
Another benefit from working there was also the fact we got free food - I couldn't complain! 

The second day... Well, it wasn't great at all. I am not going to explain all of the reasons, let me just say that it wasn't worth waking up at 6am for me to not be getting back home till around 8pm/9pm at night. Even though I was meeting celebrities, it really wasn't worth it, I didn't feel wanted there by the staff and I just felt useless, they were really unorganised and I wasn't doing many jobs and I was just sitting around most of the day doing nothing. I wasn't enjoying myself and I was so gutted about my experience because I really wanted to enjoy this opportunity that I had and everyone else who I went with loved working there because they had different roles. They also got invited to an after party which I would have gone to if I stayed there, but there was no way I was staying. 

Nevertheless, I got to see the show for free, got to be a celebrity assistant for 2 days, got free food and a few freebies too. 

Although this happened, I can't wait to go to next years Clothes Show Live and do lots of shopping and see next years show! 

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