Monday, 30 November 2015

Christmas Wishlist

So... my favourite time of the year is almost here! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

I would say my favourite part of it is getting together with all my family, and the whole build up to it. I love the dark knights, Christmas decorations, Christmas songs and films. Oh... and can't forget the advent calenders! 

There is so many things I want to buy after Christmas and these are some of the things I have wanted for a while now. 

Freya Black Faux Suede Over The Knee Chunky BootsImage 3 of Pink Clove Kimono Sleeve Jumpsuit With Wrap BeltImage 3 of ASOS CURVE Bell Sleeve Playsuit in Grid CheckVice4 Eye Shadow Palette


   Plus Size Crepe Asymmetric Shirt Khaki

tania-dress wanda-dresselina-dress

Plus Size Side Split Tunic Nude   Plus Size Knot Front Drop Hem Shirt White

Eye Shadow Primer Potion Anti Aging 

Image 1 of ASOS PENTAGON High Heels  ASOS DYNAMIC Plimsolls

Plus Size Cold Shoulder Swing Top Rust  Plus Size Contrast Longline Blazer Khaki

Plus Size Longline Crepe Mac Light Blue  Plus Size Fluffy Collar Biker Jacket Black

Image 1 of Monki Check Shirt    Image 1 of Monki Oversized Stripe Jersey Dress

ruthie-knit-top rory-dress vena-knitted-dress

ASOS CURVE Ridley Skinny Jeans in Melody Wash with Jasmine Rips  Black tassel front slouchy handbag
Beige pom pom structured tote handbagGrey jersey faux fur trim jacket

Black love slogan print oversized t-shirt  Light blue casual swing top

All of these are from Missguided, ASOS, River Island, Monki and Public Desire.
Make up is from Anastasia Beverley Hills, Urban Decay Cosmetics and Christian Louboutin.
Trainers from Adidas.


Friday, 13 November 2015

Favourite Drugstore Make Up

Drug store make up is my favourite... I am someone who LOVES cheap things. I will always be on the hunt for something cheap which fills my needs. If I could afford to buy expensive make up all the time, I would, but at the minute, I am a student, and the only time I will be able to afford the NAKED palette is probably Christmas time, lol! I don't see the point in me buying anything expensive at the moment when I am perfectly happy with my day to day cheap drug store make up routine. So... I am going to share with you my FAVOURITE drug store make up essentials at the moment, and what I wear on my face every day without fail. 

L'oreal 24 Hour Matte foundation
I love this foundation. Before this I had been using the Colour Trend foundation out of AVON in Ivory Beige but I thought it was time for a change. I found it was way too much of an oily foundation, and my skin is quite oily too, so it didn't really make a good combination, and I had also got bored of it too as I had been wearing the same foundation for about 3 years. I had tried a few new foundations but none of them really impressed me, but this one is amazing. I had watched a few YouTube videos on drug store make up and this one always had good reviews so I decided to try it out and I am so happy that I bought it. It definitely does what it says and I love how it dries up quite quickly too, it is not oily at all and it is perfect for my skin. So I would recommend this foundation to anyone who has oily skin. It is not expensive at all, I can't remember the price but it lasts for ages as well.

Highlighter by COLLECTION
This is the first highlighter I ever bought, and I was really nervous about trying it, but it was only about £3 so I couldn't complain but oh my god... what a great purchase! I love this highlighter stick, and it lasts for SO long. It is a lovely peach/silvery colour and it looks so nice when it is on. I actually got recommended this by the woman who works on beauty in Superdrug, and I am so glad she did. 

Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara
I actually got a really good deal with Maxfactor when I was considering buying from them where you buy one and get the other half price so I bought a couple of things from them. This one is really good and I have always had trouble when finding one that I have actually stuck with, I tend to just buy random ones after the other one runs out and I just pick up any that I see, but I have never found one that has done it for me, but this one definitely has. It lasts for ages on your eyes and it is sort of waterproof which I like. I hate non waterproof mascara's. Also, it does give your eyelashes volume too. THIS IS THE MASCARA FOR ME! 

Maxfactor Bronzing Powder
I have never been one to be bothered about bronzing powders, as long as I have a bit of colour in my cheeks, that is all I am bothered about. This is a great powder and I only use a bit of it, its a nice colour with a bit of glitter added to it, which works really well with my highlighter too. I love this and it has lasted me such a long time and I think this is the bronzer I am going to use for a long while.

Maxfactor waterproof eyeliner
This eye liner is a m a z i n g !!!!!! I can't express the word enough. I was recommended this by the woman at the stand and I have never trusted them, but this one really does it for me. Apart from the Kat Von D eye liner that I want to try, this is the one for me, and it's one of the best make up purchases I have ever made. It is waterproof too, which is a bonus, no smudges or anything! 

RIMMEL Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder
Before this, I used to use MAC studio fix powder but it cost me like £20 and I decided that I just couldn't afford to keep paying so much for a face powder which wasn't lasting me as long as I wanted it to for the money I was paying (I LOVE face powder, I use it constantly to top up on my make up throughout the day). So, I decided I wanted something new, I tried a lot of different powders but some of them were coming up darker than my face and I am quite pale so it wasn't a good look for me lol. The worst powder I tried for my face was from Maxfactor and it was terrible, It wasn't a good colour for my face and it was the lightest one they had too. Then I got recommended to try this one by a friend, and I love it, Its only £4 and its well worth the money. It has a great texture and it looks great on. I am going to be sticking to this one for a while.

There is also more make up which I haven't mentioned, because they are not photograph material at the moment because I need to re-stock and they have been used loads! I use them every day and are my favourites so I will list them here:
  • I use a £1 eyebrow pencil from Superdrug, from MUA.
  • I use In The Buff eye shadow palette, which is basically exactly the same as one of the NAKED palettes, but for like £5 and I am not joking, it is exactly the same, I love it. 
  • I apply just a normal black pencil eye liner on my water line.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Picking yourself up when you're feeling down

I know you all have one of those days, weeks or even months of feeling down and not knowing what to do with yourself. It's not a great feeling and you don't really know what to do to make yourself feel better apart from eating loads of chocolate and ice cream, sleeping and lazing about watching your favourite series on Netflix. I'm going through it now and it's a lot of reasons. I've missed a few days at university and it's not great when I have assignments to do and tests coming up. I have moved away from home for university, so I am missing home, I miss the company of my friends from home, and I can't emphasise enough how much I miss the company of my family. Me and my ex boyfriend are trying to sort things out slowly, so I have that too. I feel crap about my weight at the moment and I am struggling with money. I can't be bothered to revise or do assignments, all I've wanted to do is stay in bed and watch Pretty Little Liars, and that's exactly what I have been doing for the past few days. I am not used to exams anymore, I haven't done exams for two years, at college I just did coursework, so revising is not for me, but I suppose I have to get used to it again.

I don't know if people actually care about my problems but I use this to help me talk about them and writing them down and sharing them helps me a lot, especially I like to feel like I am not the only one going through a crappy time. This is the first time I've actually moved out of bed since Friday and put on make up and felt a little bit better. I have eaten so much junk food this week and I never really eat unhealthily any more, I eat a lot of veg and fruit and I never drink fizzy pop, so I know I am feeling down when I buy chocolate and crisps because I never eat them any more. I even bought a Chinese yesterday and its the first take away I have bought since I have been at University, AND I'VE BEEN HERE FOR 2 MONTHS NOW!

This is the most I've ever felt confident with myself, the past few months I have not given a single f*** about what people think about me, I have been showing off my legs and being myself a lot more. But the past few days, I have been doing this horrible thing where I compare myself to others, which I shouldn't be. I follow so many beautiful girls on Instagram and all I keep saying to myself is 'Why can't I have that body?' 'Why can't I have hair like hers?' 'Why do my boobs not look like hers?' and doing this doesn't do me any good. No ones should EVER compare their selves to others. You are your own person and you are beautiful, and that is what I need to keep telling myself. Comparing yourself to others only makes it worse for yourself.

Here are some ways to pick yourself up when you are feeling down.

Let it all out. Having a cry always makes me feel better. Let out all that emotion that has built up inside of you and I can assure you, you will feel so much better. Having your best friend there when you cry can always be a good way to feel better too, or even calling them and having a cry together.

Put some make up on and pamper yourself
A lot of the time when I feel down, I don't wear any make up, and I look in the mirror and just want to die at how crappy I look. Having a shower and putting on some make up actually makes you feel so much better, because you know you look good, and knowing that you look good gives you that bit of motivation to do something and go out. So have a shower, put some make up on, paint your nails, do your hair, take some selfies and you will feel better.

Watch your favourite film
This is the best thing for me as well as putting on some make up, my favourite film is the Lion King and every single time I feel crap, I will watch it, without fail. It always makes me happy and makes me feel better. I LOVE IT! So watch your favourite film, or just watch a Disney film, seriously, Disney is the best thing to watch when you want to smile. Or watch a comedy film, watch something that will make you laugh.

Turn off your phone and read a book
Reading a book gets you away from everything, especially if its a good book. If it's something that you have really gotten into, it will easily stop you from wanting to check your phone and it will stop you from thinking about everything because all you will think about is that book. Getting away from social media for once and getting into a different world, is sometimes a good thing to do.

Listen to your favourite playlist or your favourite relaxing music
You all might think I am a weirdo, but when I am down, all I listen to is Disney songs, I tend to just listen to the Lion King album, even the instrumentals... lol. But, it is what makes me feel better, and it is so relaxing. Singing along to your favourite songs is always a good thing to do.

Make a hot drink and your favourite meal
Have a coffee to wake yourself up, make a cup of tea, have a hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows. Having that warm feeling is always a nice feeling.

Talk to someone
Whether its your mom, your dad, your auntie, your cousin, your brother or a friend. Talk to someone who knows you. Talk to the person you love the most. Talking to someone is good to help you let all of those emotions and bad feelings out, I find it better to have someone there to talk to face to face, so I can have a hug at the same time. Keeping everything bottled up doesn't do you any good, you will 100% feel better after talking to someone.

Go for a drink with a friend!
Sometimes when you feel like crap, you just need a good drink at the pub with a good atmosphere and some good friends.

Monday, 9 November 2015

50 facts about me

1. My favourite colour is purple 
2. I don't have a middle name 
3. I have never watched Friends 
4. I hate eggs, I think they are disgusting 
5. I have 12 piercings (used to have 15)
6. I don't like tomatoes, but I love ketchup
7. I went to an all girls grammar school
8. My mom and dad split up when I was 9 years old 
9. I passed 3 GCSES in school, but they meant nothing to me as I am now at university 
10. I have worked abroad twice 
11. I love blackberries 
12. My favourite movie is The Lion King 
13. I would love to live in America 
14. I drink tea a lot more than coffee
15. I never get spots and I have really good skin considering I don't use any face products, I just wash my face with soap every day 
16. A lot of people think I don't like them at first because I have the "resting bitch" face
17. I swear a lot 
18. I love the theatre 
19. My grandad is called Tom Jones 
20. I have two Staffies named after the Kray twins 
21. I first dyed my hair when I was in year 5 or 6 
22. I love ACDC 
23. I hate mushrooms 
24. I am scared of the Gremlins, I have been petrified of the film since I was little LOL 
25. I love cider 
26. My favourite TV series was desperate housewives 
27. I used to have bright red hair 
28. I don't drive and I don't want to until I have finished university 
29. I have never tried humus 
30. My first job was at Wetherspoons 
31. I would open a zoo if I could, animals are my life 
32. I used to have 3 lizards 
33. I am a size 16-18
34. I wanted to be a vet all my life, until I watched a dog be castrated at work experience and i fainted LOL 
35. I have never been to a festival 
36. My first concert was Kylie Minogue 
37. I wish I had big curly hair 
38. I have only ever owned one thing from Topshop 
39. I am the first person in my family to go to university 
40. I have seen Eminem in concert 
41. I live in leggings, I barely ever buy jeans 
42. I really want a boob job 
43. I hate Take That so much LOL 
44. I lived with my auntie for 2 years till I moved away for university, she is my rock 
45. People mistake me for a rock kinda girl because of my piercings, but infact I love RNB and reggae music a lot more 
46. I have a habit of biting my nails, I have done it for years (disgusting, I know)
47. Apple juice is my favourite drink 
48. I am in progress of having a tattoo sleeve 
49. I am going to Florida to Disney land next year AGAIN! 
50. Christmas is my favourite time of the year

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Missguided X ASOS Wishlist

I have never shopped at Missguided before because I always thought they didn't do my size in clothes, but now I know they do Plus Size clothing, I am going to be buying from there from now on! I am in love with so much stuff on there and I wish I knew about their plus clothing range sooner. 

Image 1 of Missguided Plus Stripe Shirt Dress 
 Image 1 of Missguided Plus Wrap Dress

Image 1 of ASOS Premium Blocked Pattern Jumper in Alpaca Mix 
 Image 1 of Missguided Plus Wrap Dress
Image 1 of Truly You Premium Beaded Plunge Front Mini Dress 


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