Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Its been a while...

Wow! I haven't been on here in a while, and that is due to the fact I have been ever so busy with things and a lot of stuff has gone on. I am now single, I have a new job and I have been offered a work placement in Spain for two months. My life has changed dramatically over these past 2 months and I will put a more detailed post up soon so look out for it!

For now, I am quite busy, but I promise I will do a post as soon as I can.

Ashleigh x

My 18th Birthday

Sorry I haven't posted recently guys, I have been so busy with college, my job, and going out with my friends, family and my boyfriend for my birthday. I've been enjoying every minute of my birthday week so I have not really paid much attention to going on my laptop. But now I would like to tell you all about it and share some photographs with you all. I have had the most amazing birthday and I have been spoilt by everyone who is in my life, especially my mom and dad who are most definitely skint from this month. I am grateful for having such an amazing mom and dad.

So what was the first thing I did on my birthday? brought my first legal box of cigarettes, showing my ID was such a good feeling, haha! (yes, I smoke) and then I went to college, after that I went to my stepmoms to be spoilt by my stepmom and my dad who gave me A LOT more money than I expected and he got me a lovely birthday cake made for me too.

how beautiful is my cake?

After that, I went home (i live with my auntie) to have MORE money given to me off my auntie and my cousin. I did not have much time to see my auntie as my mom was picking me up about 15 minutes after I got home, to take me and my boyfriend out for a meal with my stepdad. We all went to Ming Moon which she paid for and we had such a great time, and of course, she too had a cake for me, which was also very beautiful.

These are the other gifts which my mom brought me for my birthday which I absolutely love.

Pandora birth stone ring and a Pandora bracelet with a minnie mouse clip.

a ring that says round it "you came into my life and left an imprint on my heart" which was really, really thoughtful.

and Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, along with lots of bits and bobs like make up and chocolate and things. I also received money from my other friends and family like my best friends and my aunties and uncles and I couldn't thank them enough. I think I had about £800 altogether, so yeah, I was absolutely spoilt and I am so grateful to have such an amazing family. To finish my day off I spent the night at my gorgeous boyfriends.


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