Wednesday, 16 July 2014

London Weekend!

So I went to London on Friday! What a weekend! Absolutely loved every minute of it and I wish I could do it all over again. I went with one of my closest friends Mitch and we got the coach at quarter past ten on Friday morning and got into Victoria Coach Station about half past two in the afternoon. It took is ages to find our hotel but we got there in the end.  Our hotel was rubbish though, but it was the cheapest and closest hotel we could find to Wembley Stadium (I will go onto why I wanted a close hotel to Wembley Stadium in a minute). It was a shock to find that there was no bathroom in out room and that it was a shared bathroom throughout 4 rooms in the hotel LOL but we did get used to it in the end and it was something to laugh about. We got settled into the hotel for a few hours and then we went out for something to eat and one of the best restaurants I have ever been to; Garfunkles. It is expensive but it is delicious and I have already been there twice before! We had a lovely meal. I did not take any photos of the meal because I was too busy enjoying it but I knew I had to take a photograph at some point so here's our deserts. Toffee waffle pudding with ice cream and chocolate fudge cake served warm with ice cream, YUMMY!!!
After our meal, we had a walk around to get used to the area and got a bottle of Martini to take back to the hotel so we could have a drink while we lay in bed and watched inbetweeners all night which was quite fun haha.

The next morning we got up very early to get on the tube to oxford street and I was absolutely amazed by the sales in the shops. WOW! I could tell Mitch was getting so fed up with me because I was in the shops for hours picking up clothes like there was no tomorrow. I was shocked at the sales in river island, everything had been reduced so cheap, absolutely loved it! I brought a lovely bag which was £15 and a lovely grey top which was £12 pound from River Island. I brought a pair of trainers out of Topman which were leopard print and were reduced to £10. Then I went into Primark which is absolutely MASSIVE! I was in love haha I love primark and I couldn't wait to go in there, and I brought a lovely floral top and a floral kimono which were both £10 pound each. I LOVE a bargain! Me and Mitch were so in love with oxford street that we have decided to stay up London for a week in a few months so that we can shop till we drop! I can't wait to go again, I'm so excited. 

                 My river island bag! 

Me and Mitch, wearing my kimono from Primark which I am so in love with!

On Saturday night....... Are you ready for the big one? I WENT TO SEE EMINEM!!!! It was amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was so expensive but totally worth it. I went to see him with Mitch at Wembley Stadium where Danny Brown, ASAP Rocky and OFWGKTA supported him, they were pretty rubbish if I'm honest and I don't understand why they supported Eminem when they don't really have anything to do with him but oh well, I wasn't at the concert to see them. I was so happy with his choice of songs that he chose, and I loved the fact it was most of his old songs that he sung such as 'The Real Slim Shady', 'Stan', 'Lose yourself' and many many more. It wa a night I will never ever forget and I plan to go to all of his upcoming concerts in the UK. 

However, my feet were absolutely killing me because of the waiting around. We got into the stadium about 5:00pm and the support acts did not come on till 7:00 which was annoying. The wait was so long and I'm a very impatient person. Eminem did not come on till 9 and If my tickets weren't for standing I would have came to wembley at 9 so I could miss the support acts and just see Eminem: ugh. It took us ages to get out the stadium when Eminem had finished as well because it holds 90,000 people, use your imagination. The tubes were absolutely packed but we finally managed to get back to the hotel about 12:10am after stopping off at Burger King on the way back. We fell straight to sleep after we had eaten. 

On the Sunday it was time to go home (we were really sad) so we packed our stuff and left and made our way to Victoria coach station but we did have a Starbucks and a McDonald's on the way which was probably the reason we MISSED OUR 12:00pm COACH!!!!! Absolutely gutting but thank god my cousin is a Coach Driver for National Express and she managed to sort everything out for us. However, we did have to wait 6 long hours for the next coach but it was okay. We sat in a cafe for the whole time waiting because there was a space where we could charge our phones LOL. 


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