Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My work!

I have now finished my first year of college. I have met so many new people oh I love and now call my best friends who I can tell anything too and I have had so many memories such as going to Italy for two weeks with everyone and going out clubbing over there. I will never forget Italy (we all went over there for work experience with college, it was amazing). At college I study art and design where I do Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. I love it and I have learnt so many new things, especially photoshop. I have grown to love photoshop and my knowledge is slowly getting stronger of it. I aspire to be a graphic designer so next year I hope to go to University of Leeds or University of Northampton to study graphic design. I also have a passion for illustration too so I have decided that in the future or soon, I want to be a freelance illustration and sell my work on iPhone cases, T-shirts, prints, etc... And also have a job as a graphic designer. I make so many plans for my future! It will be hard work but I will do it! 

I have grown to love something called Vector drawing which I have been learnin at college and I think I am actually getting pretty good at it. We do it using Photoshop and it's basically where we draw a cartoon like image of someone or something (everyone has seen them before) using the pen tool. I did Merlin from the Tv Show, and Kat Von D, the tattooist. 

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